AC-Coupled BESS

Our new energy development strategy has shifted to Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). Currently, we are developing a 500MW/1GWh portfolio across various sites in regional Australia. Each site is connecting via HV infrastructure. We focus on project feasibility studies, grid-connection application studies and development application processes. BESS  provide intermittent energy to the grid when it is needed most. BESS projects can enhance grid stability and reliability by supplying power to the grid when electricity demand is high which relieves system constraint.


DC-Coupled BESS

DC-Coupled BESS provide a hybrid solution to solar farm projects. Incorporating batteries on the DC side allow excess PV energy generated to be stored in a battery bank and discharged at times of peak demand. At SUB5MW scale, DC-Coupled BESS solution has potential to relieve local DNSP constraint and can mitigate the need for network upgrades.


Utility-scale solar is the core of our business and we continue to value developing solar projects throughout regional Australia. Australia boasts high sun exposure and with advanced solar technology, we are able to produce abundant amounts of energy and export efficiently to the utility-grid ready for consumption.

We hold a portfolio of utility-scale solar farm projects across regional Australia. A portion of our projects utilize East-West mounting system which maximises MW/m2 installed. We roll out SUB5MW projects with a connection rating of ~4.9MW. SUB5MW projects connect to local distribution powerlines and can be installed with a surface area of only 10 hectares. Additionally, we develop large scale solar projects with a DC output of 100MW+ which connect to transmission infrastructure via on-site substation.

Our current solar farm portfolio consists of 68MW energized 126MW under construction, 39MW ready to build (RTB) and 250MW in the development stage.